Revision History - Terms and Conditions
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Version Comments
Major changes have been made.
A new section has been added called "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard".
Changes to the Fees section.
New sentence added saying that the English version of these terms is binding, and other languages are just for convenience.
The link to the GoFundMe Guarantee has been updated.
The "Your Registration Obligations" and "Fees" sections have been updated.
New sections (or changes to existing): "Indemnity and Release", "Disclaimer of Warranties", "Termination", "User Disputes" and "General".
Changes added concerning the GoFundMe Guarantee Policy.
A new sentence has been added concerning fees referred to in these Terms of Service.
Many new changes have been made throughout these Terms & Conditions.
Sections updated: "Third Party Websites/Services", "Social Networking Services", "Indemnity and Release", and "Disclaimer of Warranties".
GoFundMe's physical address has been updated.
The GoFundMe Copyright Agent name has been updated.
The fees section has been updated for most countries.
A completely new version has been published.
"human or animal" has been removed from the "Directly funding an abortion" guideline.
The fees section for UK Users Only has been changed.
The fees section for FR Users Only has been changed.
Terms added concerning donations; New intro added under "WHAT'S NOT ALLOWED"; Terminology surrounding campaigns in defense of formal charges updated.
New fees added for Italian and Austrian users.
Fees for Canadian Users and Other International Users added.