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Transparency Report     


	Back in January,January 2014, we received a pretty long letter asking for a range of details about TekSavvy's data retention and sharing policies, specifically with an eye to how, when, and why we disclose information to government agencies. Since then, a lot has come out in public about both government activity in this area, and what some other Canadian telecom providers have been up to.  

	We have been devoting more resources to the legal and regulatory function over the last couple of months, partly to address new challenges like these as they come up. Taking a hard look at what we do in this area has been part of that role. Today (JuneOn June 4, 201)2014 we posted a reply to the January 2014 letter. It includes a fair bit of detail on what inquiries we have received in the past, how we have responded to them, and how we are strengthening our practices going forward. 

	Our reply to Citizen Lab can be found HERE 

	Access My Info Responses 

	This is a cover letter sent to accompany TekSavvy's responses to access requests made pursuant to PIPEDA and received in July, 2014, that were generated using the Citizenlab/OpenMedia "Access My Info" form.

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