Revision History - Platform Policies
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Version Comments
Changes under "Give People Control", "Instant Games", and "PSID API".
New terms added concerning "Sharing to Stories".
Several new changes have been made throughout including two new sections: Tech Providers and PSID API.
New terms added regarding promotional content in your app's icon and ad inclusions within your game.
Changes under the sections "Encourage proper use" and "Games"; "Jobs API" renamed to "Jobs Platform".
Terminology update in the "Login" section.
Update under "Subscription-based messaging".
Clarification made under "Messages and Data".
Changes under "Build a quality product" and "Messenger Platform".
Minor change under "Live API".
Major changes to "Pages API and Features"; New section entitled "Jobs API".
Small change under "Ads".
New terms concerning "Instant Games".
A new section has been added called "CrowdTangle API".
New terms under "Live API" that says not to publish only images or to live-stream polls associated with unmoving or ambient broadcasts.
Clarifications made under "4. Encourage proper use"; Definition of SDK updated.
A new section entitled "Camera Platform" has been added.
Terms removed from "2. Give people control" and changes to "19. Live API".
A clarification has been added to the "Protect Data" section.
Terminology changes under the "App Center" section.
Minor changes to "App Center" and "Messenger Platform"; "Ads API" renamed to "Marketing API".
A clarification has been made to the Data Collection and Use clause of the section "14. Ads API".
The "19. Live API" section has been amended concerning pre-recorded vs live content.
A new term has been added to the "Live API" section concerning third party ads in video content.
New terms added to the "16. Messenger Platform" section and a clarification was made to "Acceptable message types".
The terminology surrounding streaming directly to Facebook has been updated in section "19. Live API".
A link to the "Brand Guidelines for Facebook Developers" has been added to the section on encouraging proper use; The Messenger Platform section has been rewritten.
Updates to sections "Messages and Data" and "Live API".