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DATE OF LAST REVISION: MAY 16, 2011DEALS TERMS  1.    If you purchase a Deal on or through Facebook: 1.    Your full name may be shared with the deal provider or merchant; 2.    Your email address may be shared with the deal provider or merchant for use only in connection with your purchase; 3.    You will be bound by the additional terms provided by the deal provider or merchant offering the Deal; 4.    We may send you information about additional Deals you may be interested in; and 5.    You agree to these Deals Terms and our Payments Terms. 2. You release Facebook and any deal provider from claims arising from any Deal or act or omission of the merchant in connection with the Deal. 3. If you are under the age of 18, you will obtain permission from your parent or guardian before purchasing a Deal. 4. The Voucher may not be redeemed for products or services other than those specified on the Voucher.  After the end of the promotional period, the Voucher may be redeemed for goods or services in the amount originally paid. For example, a Voucher purchased at the discounted price of $50 (retail price of $100) with a six-month promotional period may usually be used after the end of the promotional period to purchase $50 worth of other goods and services from the merchant. However, Vouchers for specific events, such as concerts or sporting events, can no longer be redeemed once the event date passes and have no value unless required by law or specified on the Voucher. 5. Deals are not redeemable for cash except where required by applicable law.  If cash redemption is required by law, you will only be entitled to the amount you paid to Facebook for the Voucher.

 6. The Deal price does not necessarily include taxes, which may be charged to you separately by the merchant upon redemption. 7. Vouchers are transferrable unless otherwise specified, but may not be purchased and resold. 8. Merchants will accept the first unaltered Voucher presented with the unique number printed on the Voucher. Altered, manipulated, or defaced Vouchers are void. 9. All purchases of Vouchers and other interactions with Facebook are subject to Facebook’s PrivacyData Policy. 10. The law applicable to the Voucher shall be the law of the state of the merchant.  By Deal we mean the opportunity to purchase vouchers with promotional value or discounts, where the vouchers are offered and redeemable by a third party merchant featured in the Deal. 11. All Vouchers are promotional in nature and are issued by the merchant through Facebook as a service provider. The merchant is the holder and issuer of the Voucher and under no circumstances shall Facebook or deal provider be deemed the holder, issuer or seller of the Voucher. The applicability and compliance with any relevant law relating to any Voucher is solely determined by and complied with by the merchant.REFUNDS 1. The sale of Deals on or through Facebook is subject to our Payments Terms. 2. Refunds are available for unredeemed vouchers for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. If, after this 30-day period, a Deal you've purchased becomes unavailable before it can be provided to you, or if merchant refuses to honor your voucher at any time after the end of the promotional period has passed, you will receive a credit ofequal to the paid price which can be used to purchasefor future Deals.purchases. 3.To determine whether you are eligible to receive a refund, you may:

	  Access the Unused Deals tab in your account;
	  Click Help;
	  Select Dispute this Deal and request a refund and click Continue; and
	  Select a reason from the drop-down menu and fill out the additional info box with your request details.

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