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 Merchant Deals Terms

	 Deals offered on Facebook must comply with our Advertising Guidelines. 
	 Your deal may include a Promotional Redemption Deadline before which you must honor the full promotional value of the Deal. 

	 The Promotional Redemption Deadline must be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in all materials, including on the voucher itself.

	 As the merchant, you are responsible for understanding the applicable laws and honoring all vouchers as required by law, including any refund or cash-out obligations.

	 After the Promotional Redemption Deadline, you must fully honor the paid value of the voucher for at least the minimum time required by appliacble laws.
	 Deals must be based on the regular selling price for the offered goods or services.
	 Once a deal has begun, it may not be altered or edited.
	 Deals may not include the following: 

	 Products or services that cannot be advertised on Facebook according to the Advertising Guidelines.
	 Products or services that, upon redemption, enroll customers into automatic renewal programs or memberships.

	 Products that are subject in your jurisdiction to minimum selling price or other restrictions that are inconsistent with offering the Deal on Facebook.  This includes, but is not limited to, gasoline, dairy, gambling, or alcohol unless explicitly authorized by Facebook.

	 By Deal we mean the opportunity to purchase vouchers with promotional value or discounts, where the vouchers are offered and redeemable by a third party merchant featured in the Deal.

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