Revision History - Advertising Guidelines
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Version Comments
Changes under "Be authentic with our users" and "Be clear about the destination".
Small clarifications.
Changes under "Unacceptable business practices" concerning cryptocurrencies.
Changes under the rule "Don't send people to low quality landing pages".
Several changes throughout.
Changes under "Weapons and explosives".
Changes under the section "Principles".
Changes under "Don't target sensitive categories".
Changes under "Nudity or sexually suggestive content".
Changes under "Authentic and straightforward" in the "Be thoughtful with your editorial" section.
Changes regarding the sale of live animals.
Clarification added concerning lotteries.
An example about images has been removed.
Changes under "Don't send people to low quality landing pages".
Changes under "Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia".
Changes regarding "Sensational clickbait tactics".
The rule concerning using more than 1 hashtag in ad descriptions has been removed.
A link to the guidelines for the One Tap Promoted Pins has been added:
Clarification added to "Don't target sensitive categories".
A new version has been published.
Clarification added concerning One-tap Promoted Pins.
New rules on "Shocking content".
Major changes to the section entitled "Be thoughtful with your editorial".
The rule "Don't use off-domain redirect links" has been removed.
The section on Alcohol has been modified.
Changes regarding contact lenses and eyeglass providers in the section on "Online pharmacies, prescription drugs and supplements".
Changes to "Contests and sweepstakes".
The bullet "Images with testimonials and ratings" has been removed from the "Be thoughtful with your editorial" section.
The section on "Images with prices and discounts" has been removed.
Sentence removed from "Accurately reflect your product, service or brand".
The section "Be authentic and honest" has been updated to include videos.
The "Products from endangered or threatened species" bullet has been updated.
"Products from endangered or threatened species" has been changed.
Changes under "Be respectful with your targeting" and "Be careful with data usage".
New changes in the section on Alcohol.
A new rule has been added saying that negative campaigning ads that attack a political opponent are not allowed.
The "Contests and sweepstakes" section has been heavily modified.
Section removed under "Be honest about your relationship with Pinterest"; Phrasing changes under "Be respectful with targeting and tracking"; Many new changes under "Follow all audience targeting and conversion tracking rules" and "Respect our community's data and privacy".
Terminology changes; The section "Follow all audience targeting rules" has been updated.
The explanation on "audience targeting rules" has been updated.
Sections updated: "Be thoughtful with your editorial" and "Deliver a world class experience".
A link to a PDF has been added containing tips on making great ads:
Rules concerning hashtags have been updated.
Phrasing changes related to alcohol-related ads.
A new item that isn't allowed concerning "Product Rich Pins" has been added to the Alcohol section.
"Can't serve via the Pinterest Ads API" has been removed from the Alcohol section.
Sections updated: "Be authentic and honest" and "Be relevant and respectful with your targeting".
Off-domain redirects are not allowed within Pinterest ads.
The section on "Unacceptable business practices" has been updated.
Reference to alcohol has been updated to include "alcohol or an alcohol brand or manufacturer site".