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	Welcome to this website, a service of Comcast Corporation and its subsidiaries (collectively, "Comcast," "we," or "us"). This statement discloses the privacy practices for this website only, including an explanation of:  

 	 the categories of personally identifiable information about you that may be collected; how the information is used; 
 	 how we collect and use non-personally identifiable information about your use of the website; 
 	 the categories of persons or entities with whom the information may be shared; 
 	 the choices that are available to you regarding collection, use, and distribution of the information; 
 	 how you can opt in or out of Comcast promotional e-mail; 
 	 the kind of security procedures that are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information; 
 	 how you can review and request changes to the information; 
 	 how we notify visitors and users of this website of changes to this privacy statement; and 
 	 the privacy policies that apply to subscribers to each Comcast product and service. 

	Questions regarding this statement should be directed to Comcast through one of the Contact Us forms you will find on the website, or by mailing a notice to:

 Comcast Corporation
 One Comcast Center
 Philadelphia, PA 19103 
 Attention: Privacy Feedback 


	A special note about children: This website is not directed to children under the age of 13, and Comcast does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 18 on this website unless expressly specified on the appropriate pages of the website. However, some pages of the website may be of interest to children. On those pages, Comcast or its service providers may provide a special notice or other information describing any additional privacy protections that may apply. Children should always get permission from a parent or legal guardian before sending any information about themselves (such as their names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers) over the Internet, to us or to anyone else. 

What Categories Of Personally Identifiable Information Do We Collect?

	The information collected by Comcast falls into two categories: (1) information voluntarily supplied by visitors to and users of the website and (2) tracking information recorded as visitors and users navigate through the website. Some of this information is personally identifiable information, but much of it is not. Personally identifiable information is information that identifies a particular person. 

	To make use of some features on our website visitors and users need to register and provide certain information as part of the registration process. We may ask, for example, for your name, e-mail address, street address, zip code, and, if you wish to automate payments, financial account information. We might also request information about your residence, television, and computer, for example, in order to process your request for new service or make changes to existing service. In addition, we may ask you for information about your interests in television viewing, sports, personal finance, the performing arts, and the like. The information you supply will help us to offer you more personalized features, complete the particular function of the website you are using, and tailor our website to your interests to make it more useful to you. Our systems will remember some of this information the next time you log in and use our website, but you can always review and change your information by following the instructions below under Changes to Information in this statement. 

	The more you tell us about yourself, the more value we can offer you. Supplying this information is entirely voluntary. But if you choose not to supply the information, we may be unable to provide you with the products and services we make available to other users of and visitors to our website. And you will not be able to order selected products or services, or automate payments, over our website unless you provide certain personally identifiable information about yourself. When you submit any personally identifiable information over this website, Comcast (i) will use the information for the purposes described at the time you submit it (for example, your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address provided while ordering one of our products or services will be used in connection with the processing and fulfillment of your order) and (ii) may use the information to contact you to make you aware of other products and services of interest. Of course, if you want to remain completely anonymous, you're still free to take advantage of the publicly available content on our website without registration.  

Online Tracking Policy

	Some of the third party service providers that Comcast uses to deliver services, content and advertising may collect information on this website, as disclosed in this privacy policy. This information may include personally identifiable information or may be used to contact you online.  

	As stated below in this privacy policy, in the section titled "What do we do to personalize your use of this website and the advertisements that may be presented to you on other websites?" we and our service providers may also use cookies to deliver relevant advertising to you when you visit other websites, including advertising based on the products and services you viewed on this website.  

	Comcast is participating in the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) process to develop a "Do Not Track" Standard. Since the definitions and rules for such a standard have not yet been defined, Comcast does not yet respond to "Do Not Track" signals sent from browsers.  

	You may opt out of receiving cookies from the companies that provide services on this website by going to You may opt out of receiving promotional email or direct mail from Comcast based on your visits to this website by going to our Preference Center at and following the instructions there. You may also contact Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY to ask to be placed on our do not mail list.  

	Comcast's affiliated websites are members of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), which permits you to opt out of receiving online behavioral advertising by making choices at . We comply with the rules of the DAA's ad choices program.  

What Categories Of Persons Or Entities Do We Share Personally Identifiable Information With?

	We consider the personally identifiable information contained in our business records to be confidential. We may sometimes disclose personally identifiable information about you to our affiliates or to others who work for us. We may also disclose personally identifiable information about you to service providers and vendors, and to others who provide products and services to us. For example, when you use certain functions on this website you may notice that the website actually collecting or processing the information may be other than a Comcast website. We may be required by law or legal process to disclose certain personally identifiable information about you to lawyers and parties in connection with litigation and to law enforcement personnel. For example, we may be required by law to disclose personally identifiable information about you without your consent and without notice in order to comply with a valid legal process such as a subpoena, court order, or search warrant. 

	What Do We Do To Personalize Your Use Of This Website And The Advertisements That May Be Presented To You On Other Websites? 

	We, or our advertising providers, may automatically deliver ads for third-party products as well as promotions and offers for our own products and services, to all users of this website, whether the users are registered or not, based on non-personal information including: (i) the IP address associated with your computer for purposes of determining your approximate geographic location; (ii) the type of web page that is being displayed, such as a page about Xfinity Internet; or (iii) the content on the page that is shown, such as an FAQ about programming your DVR. Because this activity automatically applies to all users and it is purely contextual, this type of content delivery cannot be customized or controlled by individual users. 

	To help make our website more responsive to the needs of our users and visitors, we use a standard feature of browser software called a "cookie." We use cookies to help us tailor our website to your needs, to deliver a better, more personalized service, and to remember certain choices you've made so you don't have to re-enter them. 

	Comcast uses cookies, among other things, to remember your username and password, if you choose to store them, from the home page of the website at, as well as to remember some of your personalization preferences and website features. Comcast does not store your name or other personal information in cookies. You may read about enabling, disabling, and deleting cookies at at any time by searching for "cookie" and clicking on the link for the topic you wish to read. Of course, if you set your browser not to accept cookies or you delete them, you may not be able to take advantage of the personalized features enjoyed by other visitors to and users of our website. 

	The cookies we use don't directly identify visitors to or users of our website as particular persons. Rather, they contain information sufficient to simplify and improve a visitor's or user's experience on our website. For example, we may use session-based cookies to track the pages on our website visited by our users. We can build a better website if we know which pages our users are visiting and how often. Or, we may use persistent cookies to simplify access to a user's account information over our website, for example. 

	In connection with the standard operation of Comcast's systems, certain non-personally identifiable information about visitors to this website is recorded. This information is used primarily to tailor and enhance visitors' experience using the website. We may use this information in an aggregate, non-personally identifiable form to, among other things, measure the use of our website and determine which products and services are the most popular with website visitors. 

	We may also use one or more advertising network providers and/or other audience segmenting technology providers to help present advertisements or other content on this website and other websites that display Comcast advertisements. These providers uses cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies on your computer or mobile or other device to serve you advertisements or content tailored to interests you have shown by browsing on this and other websites you have visited. It also helps determine whether you have seen a particular advertisement or content before and in order to avoid sending you duplicates. In doing so, these providers collect non-personally identifiable information such as your browser type, your operating system, web pages visited, time of visits, content viewed, ads viewed, and other click stream data. When you visit this website, these providers may use cookies or web beacons to note which product and service descriptions your browser visited. When you are presented with Comcast advertisements on other websites, we or these providers may use that information to select advertisements related to your interests. This is intended to provide you with an additional opportunity to look at Comcast offerings that may be of interest to you. The use of cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies by these providers is subject to their own privacy policies, not Comcast's privacy policy for this website. If you do not want the benefits of the cookies used by these providers, you may opt-out of them by visiting or by visiting their opt-out pages. The advertising network providers and/or audience segmenting technology providers that may collect information about your use of this website, and links to their opt-out pages, are available using the hyperlink below: 

 Advertising Networks and Other Technology Providers

 Sometimes Comcast offers different versions of and subscription plans for our products and services in different areas of the country. When you visit this website, we may use the internet protocol address associated with your computer to try to determine your general geographic area so that we can show you about the general offers for products and services that are available in your region. When you are interested in a specific product or service, we may also invite you to enter an address to determine exactly which offer, product or service is available to you. If you are already a Comcast customer and you log in to your account, we will use the address associated with your account to select available offers. 

Where Do We Permit Visitors And Users To Opt In Or Out Of Comcast Promotional E-Mail Or Direct Mail?

	You may choose to receive, or not receive, promotional e-mails about Comcast's products and services by going to the Internet web page located at and following the instructions there. If you have otherwise provided your e-mail address to Comcast, or Comcast has already obtained it, then Comcast may have already contacted you about receiving promotional e-mails separately. You may contact Comcast at 1-800-COMCAST to ask us to put your name on our internal company "do not mail" list so that you do not receive marketing or promotional postal mail from us or made at our request. 

Other Websites

	To make our website more valuable to our visitors, we may offer some features in conjunction with other providers. Our website may also include links to other websites whose privacy policies and practices we don't control. Once you leave our website by linking to another one (you can tell where you are by checking the address - known as a URL - in the location bar on your browser), use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the website you're visiting. That policy may differ from ours. If you can't find the privacy policy of any of these websites via a link from the site's homepage, you should contact the website directly for more information.  


	All information gathered on our website is stored within a database accessible only to Comcast and its specifically authorized contractors and vendors. However, as effective as any security measure implemented by Comcast may be, no security system is impenetrable. We cannot guarantee the complete security of our database, nor can we guarantee that information you supply won't be intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet. If you don't want us to know any particular information about you, don't include it in anything that you submit or post to this website or send to us in e-mail.  

Changes To Information

	You may review and change personally identifiable information that you provide to us through this website by returning to the pages where you entered it, and reviewing or changing the information directly. You may also request changes to some information, such as billing and account information if you are a Comcast customer, by calling Comcast at 1-800-COMCAST, if you are able to verify your identity using a Comcast account number, personal identification number or PIN, or another identifier requested by Comcast. 

Changes To This Privacy Statement

	We may change this privacy statement from time to time. If we change this privacy statement at some point in the future, we'll post the changes on our website and by continuing to use the website after we post any changes, you accept and agree to this privacy statement, as modified. 

Privacy Policies For Comcast Products And Services

	This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for this website only. Comcast supplies a copy of the privacy notice that applies to our cable television, high-speed Internet, and phone products and services separately to our subscribers. You may also view this privacy notice at at any time by searching for "privacy policy" and clicking on the link for the privacy notice. 

	Effective: January 13, 2014

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