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 	 Trademark guidelines
 	 Evernote trademarks
 	 Logo Use Guidelines
 	 Evernote logos
 	 Conditions of license to use Evernote trademarks


	Evernote(R) is a platform for human memory, designed to help individuals remember everything(tm). We recognize that our community and ecosystem play an integral role in this vision, by developing products and applications that leverage our platform, and there is a need to refer and link to Evernote and our products and services. We identify our products and services with our trademarks, which consist of names, logos, words, characters and colors, a number of which are identified below; we consider these marks to be valuable assets. In order to protect our interests in these marks, we have legal obligations to ensure they are used properly by us and by others in the community. 


	To ensure that there is never confusion about our products and services, or our relationship with developers, partners and other members of the Evernote ecosystem, we have put together the following Guidelines. Using the marks in the ways described below will allow you to avoid negotiating agreements with Evernote and its lawyers, or receiving a request to change an inappropriate use. You must receive explicit written permission from Evernote to use our marks in any way not described in the Guidelines and your use is subject to your agreement to be legally bound by these Guidelines, including the terms of our trademark license provided below. If you have any question regarding a proposed usage of our marks or to request permission for a certain use, please contact us here. 


	We understand the desire of developers to associate their products and applications with Evernote. To ensure that you are able to promote your integration without creating confusion about the creator of the offering, please follow the following naming guidelines for your product and/or domain: 

	You may: 

 	 Name your website, product, or application with something unique, that satisfies the other Guidelines.
 	 Feel free to include language on your site explaining that your application "Works with Evernote(R)," "Syncs with Evernote(R)," or is built on the Evernote(R) platform.

	You may not: 

 	 Use Evernote in the name of your website or application ("Application X for Evernote" is not acceptable).
 	 Use a portion of an Evernote mark, image or text, as part of your product, website or application name.
 	 Register a domain containing Evernote (or misspellings of Evernote).
 	 Apply for a trademark with a name including Evernote.

	 Use or make derivative use of Evernote trademark icons (see definition below). Examples of derivative iconography would include: 

 	 an elephant, or part of an elephant, in profile;
 	 an elephant, or part of an elephant, with a folded ear; or
 	 using an elephant, or part of an elephant, with green or gray coloring.


	You may: 

 	 Design your site with unique branding and logos, which satisfy the other Guidelines.
 	 Clearly distinguish any Evernote marks, including any link to any Evernote web site, from the content on your site.
 	 Follow the Brand Identity requirements whenever displaying an Evernote logo.

	You may not: 

 	 Copy the Evernote look and feel of any Evernote web site (including the use of our distinct color combinations, graphic designs or typography) or create any altered, distorted or interpreted representation of any of the Evernote marks, as this could create confusion among our users.
 	 Feature any Evernote trademarks in a manner that is more prominent than the names and trademarks identifying your business, product or service.


	You may: 

 	 The title of your work must clearly state that it is about Evernote, and not written or endorsed by Evernote. For example, "Guide to Improving 'X' with Evernote" is appropriate, whereas "The Evernote Guide to 'X'" is not.
 	 The Evernote mark may be used as an adjective or noun, never as verb, or in the plural or possessive form.
 	 When using "Evernote" as the name of the Evernote service, use the generic term after the mark: "the Evernote service."

	You may not: 

 	 Use a confusing book title which might imply your book is endorsed or written by us.
 	 Use our logo on your cover or in your title. This might be confusing and imply that the book is an official Evernote book.


	Evernote does not permit or license use of its trademarks or logos in connection with merchandise and other products, including, for example, any clothing, hats, mugs, dolls and toys, without a specific written agreement providing the terms under which such use would be permitted. 

	You may: 

 	 Contact us using our contact form with a detailed proposal if you would like to request an exception.

	You may not: 

 	 Use any of the Evernote trademarks, particularly any elephant or other logo or name on any apparel or merchandise without a written agreement with us.


	You may: 

 	 Use the Evernote logo or Evernote application icon as a link to the Evernote service, in a manner that satisfies the other Guidelines.
 	 Use the Evernote logo or Evernote application icon to show that your product is compatible with Evernote.

	You may not: 

 	 Use the marks in a way that might imply an Evernote partnership with, or endorsement of, your product or business.
 	 Distort or alter the Evernote marks in any way.
 	 Use the marks in a way that confuses the Evernote brand with your brand or any other brand.
 	 Use Evernote slogans or copyrighted works in a manner that would suggest a relationship or commonality with Evernote.
 	 Use any Evernote mark in connection with any illegal activity.


	If you use any Evernote trademarks, you must provide attribution of Evernote Corporation's ownership of such mark(s) by providing one of the following statements: 

 	 "EVERNOTE, the Evernote Elephant logo and REMEMBER EVERYTHING are trademarks of Evernote Corporation and used under a license." - referencing the particular mark you use; or
 	 "*Used under license from Evernote Corporation." (where the asterisk appears in proximity to Evernote's trademarks).


	Evernote Corporation owns a number of trademarks and service marks which may be registered trademarks in the United States and other countries, including the marks listed below, along with our suggested generic terms for the marks we use to identify our service (the use for which we describe below). 

 	 EVERNOTE(R) service
 	 エバーノート service
 	 The Evernote Elephant logo
 	 Remember Everything(tm)


	Of course, these Guidelines are not exhaustive, and do not fully describe all of our rights or actions we are permitted to take under applicable laws, or certain permitted use of our marks that You may have under the laws in certain countries. You are responsible for confirming the laws applicable to your proposed usage. 

	We have adopted certain standards for presenting our logo, typographical elements and colors, which we require you to follow when using our marks. You may obtain those standards below. 


	We have adopted certain standards for presenting our logo, typographical elements and colors, which we require you to follow when using our marks. You may obtain those standards in this document: EVERNOTE BRAND IDENTITY GUIDELINES (PDF) 


	For your convenience, we shall provide properly formatted Evernote logos on this page for your use, subject to the trademark Guidelines and license terms on this page (which you agree to abide by as a condition to using them). 


 	 Small PNG
 	 Large PNG
 	 Horizontal EPS


 	 Small PNG
 	 Large PNG
 	 Vertical EPS


	If you elect to use Evernote's trademarks, we require you to comply with any applicable Guidelines set forth above and your use is subject to your agreement to be legally bound by the terms of our trademark license, the terms of which are provided below. Of course, you need not agree to be bound by these license terms, but if you do not agree, you do not have any right to use our trademarks in connection with your product or service. Your use of Evernote trademarks will be considered to be your acknowledgment of your agreement to these conditions, as we may update them from time to time: 

 	 you will comply with all applicable Guidelines set forth above;
 	 Evernote owns any and all rights to Evernote's trademark(s) and the substantial goodwill in those marks (including any additional goodwill that may accrue as a result of your use of our marks);
 	 the use or display of Evernote's trademarks in connection with your application or other product shall not create any right, title or interest for you in or to the Evernote trademarks;
 	 Evernote shall have the sole right and discretion to bring legal or administrative proceedings to enforce its rights in its trademarks, including actions for trademark infringement or unfair competition proceedings;
 	 you agree not to, directly or indirectly, challenge Evernote's use, ownership or registration of Evernote's trademarks;
 	 you agree to provide Evernote, upon its request, with copies of your marketing materials and reasonable evidence that the quality of your product or service is consistent with industry standards;
 	 you may not sell, assign or otherwise transfer your limited license to use the Evernote trademarks without Evernote's express written consent; and
 	 you agree that Evernote assumes no liability to you or to any third party due to your use of any Evernote trademarks (which are provided "as is" and without any warranty or assurance they do not infringe another party's rights), and you will indemnify and hold Evernote harmless against any losses, damages and expenses incurred in connection with any claim against Evernote arising from or relating to your use of such trademarks and/or your products or services; and
 	 you agree that this license and any right to use Evernote trademarks terminates automatically upon your failure to comply with these license terms.

	Updated: December 28, 2010

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