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	October 30, 2014 updates to June 3, 2014 version 

	We added language to address the launch of Work Chat. Specifically, we note that you need to make sure you have a relationship with someone you send Work Chat messages to and that you won’t send harassing, unsolicited commercial, or other similar kinds of unwanted SMS messages using Work Chat. We also clarified that on some occasions, you may be purchasing Evernote Market or Evernote Business subscriptions from an authorized reseller. And we added language clarifying your responsibility for complying with applicable export control and related laws when you travel across international borders and access your Content. 

	June 3, 2014 updates to January 6, 2014 version 

	We made minor changes to bring the Terms of Service into conformance with changes to our Privacy Policy described below. 


	October 30, 2014 updates to June 3, 2014 version: 

	We added language to describe additional information we may collect from you and how that information will be used and displayed when you send or receive messages through Work Chat or when you collaborate with users through shared notebooks and notes, including notes shared through Work Chat. We clarified how we show you information through our Context feature (formerly known as “related results”). We also clarified our instructions around how you can deactivate your account, delete content in your account, and remove your account from our systems. Finally, we updated our Information Collection and Use section to explain that we may use some of the information we collect to assist us in evaluating our compliance with export laws. 

	June 3, 2014 updates to February 12, 2014 version 

	We have revised and reorganized the section entitled, "What Information Does Evernote Collect About Me and Why?" to categorize the different information we collect based upon your activities. We’ve also clarified that you will still receive emails providing essential service-related and account-related information even if you opt-out of marketing emails from Evernote. In order to address the fact that we now use resellers for some Premium Services, we added a bullet point to the section entitled, Does Evernote Share My Personal Information or Content?” to explain that user information may be shared with such resellers as needed to facilitate your requested transaction. Explanatory language regarding resellers was also added to the section entitled, "A Special Note to Customers in Japan." 

	We added language informing you that we contract with third-party advertising networks to deliver Evernote advertisements to you across the Internet and manage our communications with you. We also explain how we are using information about the way you use our Service and the types of Notes you create (but not the content of your Notes) to suggest Evernote Products or Service features we think would help you get the most out of our Service. 


	October 30, 2014 updates to June 3, 2014 version 

	We made a few changes clarifying: (1) the applicability of the Commercial Terms when a Customer purchases an Evernote Premium Service from a third party reseller; (2)  Evernote’s commitment to provide advance notice prior to an increase in recurring subscription fees; (3) the terms applicable to trying a free trial of a Premium Service; and (4) that a Customer's failure to pay applicable fees and taxes for any subscription may result in termination. 

	June 3, 2014 updates to January 6, 2014 version 

	We added language to explain that in some cases, Evernote may enable you to purchase and/or pay for certain Premium Services or Products through an Evernote-authorized reseller or payment processing firm. We also added language to explain how non-account holders who control the payment methods for Premium Services may make changes to or cancel such payment methods. 


	October 30, 2014 updates to September 26, 2013 version 

	We added language relating to the appropriate use of Work Chat and other collaboration features, reminding users that the Evernote Service should never be used to send unsolicited or unwanted messages. 


	June 3, 2014 updates to April 29, 2013 version 

	We added a new section describing how Customers may establish an Approved Account Recovery Process if they want to establish an alternative method for establishing control of their Evernote Business Account that is independent of the Administrator Accounts. We also describe how Customers who do not establish an Approved Account Recovery Process may be able to regain control of their Evernote Business Accounts in the event that they lose access to all Administrator Accounts. In addition, we clarified how payment information for a Business Account may be changed. We added a commitment to notify Customers in the event we become aware that a third party has, without authorization, accessed Customer's Evernote Business account or obtained Administrator credentials. 


	October 30, 2014 updates to June 3, 2014 version 

	We made a few minor technical corrections, like changing the term "performance cookies" to "analytics cookies" to more accurately describe this mechanism, and adding information about the Save to Evernote button available on some third party sites. 

	June 3, 2014 updates to February 12, 2014 version 

	We have revised our Cookie Information page to better explain how we use performance cookies, targeting or advertising cookies, and social media features. These changes include an update to our description of how we use analytics tools to understand how our Service is used. Further, we have added a fuller description of our how we contract with third-party advertising networks and how their use of cookies and similar tracking technologies helps us optimize our marketing efforts.

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