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Update description added for the Evernote Business Agreement.
Summary of updates across many different legal documents.
Updates to the Privacy Policy have been removed from this page. They can now been found here:
The list of all changes made to the legal documents has been updated.
"Additional typographical corrections were made on July 5, 2016" has been added to the Evernote Business Agreement.
A list of changes made to the Terms of Service, Commercial Terms and Business Agreement have been added.
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Contains the summary of changes made to Evernote legal documents on April 29, 2015:
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	October 4, 2016 updates to the February 3, 2016 version: 

	We introduced the defined term, “Collaboration Features” to describe the ways you might share your account Content. We clarified that the US COPPA consent process applies to educational institutions globally. We updated our description of data storage to incorporate references to our cloud storage provider. We updated our response to the question “Does Evernote Serve Ads” to remove references to outdated promotional methods and to bring our Terms of Service language into harmony with our 3 Laws of Data Protection and our Privacy Policy. We added “Service Providers” to the limitation of liability. We removed some references to the Evernote Market that are no longer relevant. 


	No updates in the last six months. 


	October 4, 2016 updates to the February 3, 2016 version: 

	We clarified that the US COPPA consent process applies to educational institutions globally. 


	October 4, 2016 updates to the February 3, 2016 version: 

	We clarified that we will provide you with email notice of any material changes to our privacy policy or where the law requires us to obtain your prior consent to such changes. We updated our language about contacting you for promotional purposes, and we removed a reference to Evernote Clearly since that offering is no longer supported. We clarified the ways in which we might be required to disclose user information as required by law. In light of the invalidation of the US-EU Safe Harbor, we have removed references to that certification, and specified that Evernote GmbH is the data controller of your information if you are a resident of the EEA or Switzerland. 

	We updated our statements about how our systems process your account Content. Specifically, we are providing more information about enhanced machine learning technologies we are incorporating to help you get more out of your account and to improve our Service, such as to improve the search functions and to suggest features or tips when it looks like you’re making a list. We also moved away from describing sharing via Work Chat specifically and now instead refer to Collaboration Features as we make improvements in the ways you can share your Evernote service Content. Lastly, we removed some language describing our security because that information is better described in our Security Overview. 


	October 4, 2016 updates to the April 29, 2015 version: 

	We added language to specify that it is a violation of our User Guidelines to interfere with the services and networks of our Service Providers. 


	No updates in the last six months. 
 This page reflects changes made to our Legal Information Pages since July 1, 2016.

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