Revision History - Terms and Conditions
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Version Comments
A completely new version has been posted.
The USF charge has increased to 18.8%.
A link regarding the termination of the Sprint Vertical Discount Program has been removed.
The USF charge for the monthly charges has been updated to 17.1% (previously 17.4%).
Changes concerning Total Equipment Protection (and Plus) and the Advanced Protection Pack.
The USF charge has increased from 16.7% to 17.4%.
New sentence added concerning "password protecting your wireless device".
The USF charge has decreased to 16.7%.
The activation fee and reconnect fee has increased.
The General Terms and Conditions of Service have been removed from this page and placed into a PDF, accessible here:
These General Terms and Conditions of Service are now effective, as of November 1 2016.
A link to a PDF of the new Terms & Conditions of Service that will be effective on November 1, 2016 has been added:
A clarification concerning "SDP Discounts" has been added: limit 1 per account.
A new section has been added on the "Sprint Unlimited Freedom Plan".
New section added entitled "Payment Upon Cancellation".
New terms added concerning your credit and debit card information; Several sections removed on "New Agreements on the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) Network", "Any Mobile, Anytime", "Sprint Mobile to Mobile", and "Sprint As You Go"; Clarification added under "Wi-Fi Calling".
USF charge changed to 17.9% (down from 18.2%).
USF charge changed to 18.2% (up from 16.7%).
A new paragraph on "Quality of Service Practices" has been added.