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 	 Important Service/Product Information 
 	 Sprint Forward General Terms	Sprint Legal and Conditions of Service, effective 5/19/17 
 	 Sprint Forward General TermsRegulatory documents page. This page provides convenient access to Sprint’s consumer terms and Conditions of Service, effective 4/15/17 
 	 Autopay Termsconditions, policies, customer notices, regulatory information, and Conditionslegal initiatives. 

	  SPRINT FORWARD IMPORTANT SERVICE/PRODUCT INFORMATION TERMS	Consumer General Terms and Conditions of Service: These terms and conditions are part of your Agreement with Sprint. Carefully read all of the parts of your Agreement, including the mandatory arbitration provision in which we both agree to mandatory arbitration that provides that (except for matters properly brought to small claims court) any claim, controversy, or dispute of any kind between you and Sprint must be resolved by final and binding arbitration on an individual and not a class-wide or consolidated basis. Learn more 

	 Effective 5/19/2017	Sprint Forward Consumer General Terms and Conditions of Service: These terms and conditions are part of your Agreement with Sprint. Carefully read all of the parts of your Agreement, including the mandatory arbitration provision in which we both agree to mandatory arbitration that provides that (except for matters properly brought to small claims court) any claim, controversy, or dispute of any kind between you and Sprint must be resolved by final and binding arbitration on an individual and not a class-wide or consolidated basis. Learn more 

	TERMS OF SERVICE. Your service with Sprint Forward includes, but	Open Internet Information: Sprint is not limited to,committed to providing the terms of your service plan (including those outlined below and those which may be presented or provided in other materials) and the most recentbest wireless broadband Internet experience, Sprint Forward General Terms and Conditions of Service available at (collectively, “Agreement”). Carefully read all of the parts of your Agreement including the MANDATORY ARBITRATION PROVISION and CLASS ACTION WAIVER PROVISION.uses reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards. Learn more 

	 ACTIVATION OF SERVICES/ACCOUNT: You are prepaying for services before you use them, and you will not receive a bill. Activation	Privacy Policy: Sprint is committed to protecting the privacy of serviceour customers and account will occur when you have selected a plan and added sufficient fundswe continue to your account balance. Your telephone number is activatedbe at that time. Once active, the number is eligible for porting. Service charges are not refunded or prorated if service is terminated or modified before your next payment date. State, local sales taxes and fees may apply when adding fundsforefront of work addressing ongoing privacy concerns impacting the entire wireless industry. Learn more about Sprint's efforts to your account. Coverage not available everywhereprotect customer privacy and varies by service. Visit for details and the latest coverage info. Our services will only work with our devices. Not all services are available with all devices or on all networks. Not all services available on 4G LTE and coverage may defaultactions customers can take to 3G/1xRTT where 4G LTE is unavailable.protect their data. Learn more 

	 NATURE OF OUR SERVICE. Our rate plans, customer devices, services and features are not	CTIA Checklist: With so many choices when shopping for resalewireless products and are intended for reasonable and non-continuous use by a person using a device on the Sprint network. The primary use of your device mustservices, we want to be for domestic purposes within the Sprint-owned network and for other purposes outlined in our offers. Domestic means use in the 48 contiguous states, Hawaii, DC, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Sprint Forward may limit or terminate service ifsure you move outside offind the Sprint-owned network. Prices, offersright device and programs are subject to change without notice, may not be available with all devices or in all markets/retail locations, or combinable with other promotions/options. While on the Nationwide Sprint Network, the availability of international calling and/or texting services may depend on your plan, and additional charges may apply with the latest rates found at Unused services, including, but not limited to, plan minutes, messages or data allotments, expire at the end of each plan cycle or when a customer switches service plans- and do not carry forward. Partial minutes of use are rounded up tounderstand the next whole minute. Switching between Sprint Forward service offerings may result in a new prepaid account. Not all features available on all phones. Depending on your service plan, certain applications that are preinstalled on your device may not be available or operational. Examples of these applications include, but are not limited to, Sprint TV, GPS and Mobile Hotspot applications. You also may not be ablefine print. That's why we've partnered with CTIA-The Wireless Association® to purchase other subscription-based third-party content from application stores (e.g., the Google Play store), which will be taken from your cash balance. Certain payment options may be restricted or not available.provide tools to help you make informed buying decisions. Learn more 

	 UNLIMITED USE PLANS. Unlimited does not mean unreasonable. If you subscribe	CTIA Code of Conduct: With so many choices when shopping for wireless products and services, we want to rate plans, services or features that are described as “unlimited”, you should be aware that such unlimited plans are subjectsure you find the right device and plan - and understand the fine print. That's why we've partnered with CTIA-The Wireless Association® to provide tools to help you make informed buying decisions. Visit the Prohibited Network Uses detailed below.  CTIA website to learn more. 

	 PROHIBITED NETWORK USES: To ensure that the activities of some users do not impair the ability of	Account Management Tools & Usage Alerts: Sprint offers our customers to have access to reliable services at reasonable costs, you may not use our services in a manner that is unlawful, infringes on intellectual property rights, or harms or unduly interferes with the usenumber of Sprint's network or systems. Sprint reserves the right, without notice or limitation,ways to terminate, end, modify, disconnect or suspend service if an individual engages in any of the prohibited voice or data uses below or if Sprint, in its sole discretion, determines action is necessary to protect its wireless networks and/or customers' service experience from harm or degradation. EXAMPLES OF PROHIBITED VOICE SERVICES USES: Voice services are provided solely for live dialogue between,manage accounts and initiated by, individuals for personal use & as otherwise described in this policy. Voice services may not be used for any other purposes including, but not limited to: conference calling, monitoring services, transmission of broadcasts or recorded material, interconnection to other networks, telemarketing, autodialed calls, other commercial uses or connections that do not consist of live dialogue between two individuals. We will presume certain usage, dialing, or calling patterns indicate that you are not using for your personal useavoid unanticipated voice, messaging, and we reserve the right to suspend, terminate or restrict your services. EXAMPLES OF PROHIBITED DATA USES: Data services are intended to be used for web surfing, sendingdata overages, through text and receiving email, photographsemail alerts as well as online and other similar messaging activities, and the non-continuous streaming of videos, downloading of files or on line gaming. Our data services may not be usedphone access to disrupt email use by others using automated or manual routines, including, but not limited to "auto-responders" or cancel bots or other similar routines; to transmit or facilitate any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, telemarketing, promotional materials, "junk mail", unsolicited commercial or bulk email, or fax; or for activities adversely affecting the ability of other people or systems to use either Sprint's wireless services or other parties' Internet-based resources, including, but not limited to, "denial of service" (DoS) attacks against another network host or individual user.account usage information. Learn more 

	 QUALITY OF SERVICE PRACTICES (QOS): To help	Lost and Stolen Phones: How to protect against the possibility that customers may occupy an unfair share of network resources, unlimited data plan customers who useyour phone and your data. Learn more than 23GB of data during a payment cycle will be prioritized below other customers for the remainder of their payment cycle, in times and locations where the availability of network resources is constrained. Affected unlimited data plan customers may notice temporary changes in the performance of certain applications when they are on constrained sites as compared to other users especially if such affected users are engaged in data-intensive activities. Performance will return to normal when the cell site is no longer constrained or the customer moves to a non-constrained location. Affected unlimited customers will still be able to enjoy unlimited quantities of data without overage charges or data caps even if their usage exceeds the threshold for Sprint’s QoS practices. In addition, Sprint may adjust periodically the applicable threshold for Sprint’s QoS practices. See for additional details.  

	 PLAN THROUGHPUT LIMITATIONS AND PERFORMANCE: With certain plans, throughput data speeds will be slowed when data usage exceeds the selected plan's applicable data threshold(s). During this time, data access will continue but maximum speeds will be limited to 2G speeds	Legal Notices: Customer notifications of 128Kbps or below for the remainder of plan cycle, resulting in slower page loads, downloads, and degraded streaming media. Data speeds will be restored at the beginning of a new plan cycle, or after a plan cycle restart. Data usage can be monitored online in ‘MyAccount'. Forlegal initiatives. Learn more information on Sprint's network management tools, policies and other related information, please visit 

	 ADDING FUNDS TO YOUR ACCOUNT: Funds can be added	Secure Online Use: Information and resources to accounts using one of Sprint Forward's Payment methods (cash, credit, debit cards or refill cards). A service convenience fee may be charged for real-time-replenishment (“RTR”) transactions at some retailers. Customers can add a maximum of $300/transaction to their accounts untilhelp customers use the customer's total cash balance reaches $400. Once you have reached the $400 maximum cash balance threshold, you will no longer be allowed to add any further funds to your account. Account funds cannot be transferred between Sprint Forward accounts. Adding funds through Sprint Forward customer service may result in processing fees.Internet safely and securely.  Learn More 

	 PAYMENT DATE & ACCOUNT ACTIVE PERIOD INFORMATION: You will have 120 days after your last payment	Taxes and Surcharges: In addition to add moneythe monthly service charges billed for Sprint's Services, Sprint Surcharges, taxes, fees and other charges may be applied to your account to prevent cancellation, loss of all funds comprising your cash balance and your telephone number. Lost funds are nonrefundable. Recurring Plans: Funds are due on your payment date, which ismonthly invoice based on the day whentype of wireless service you purchase, restart, switch to or activatehave and your plan. Voice, data and message allotments will be restored when you make a payment. Payments for plan services do not include separately priced services, including, but not limited to, international services, wireless entertainment & downloads.geographical location. Learn more 

	 ADVANCE PAYMENT: When you add funds that equal or exceed your monthly payment amount during your monthly cycle, we will deduct your next monthly recurring charge from your cash balance. Accounts must be current	Wireline Rates, Terms and not in suspended status for Advance Payment. You may only pay one monthly recurring charge in advance. You can cancel the Advance Payment up to an hour before your next monthly recurring charge is due. Advance Payment may not be available with all products, servicesConditions: For personal and offers. If you do not have sufficient funds available in advance to make a payment, we will process payment using other funding sources, including, but not limited to, your cash balance or credit/debit cardsbusiness wireline interstate, international and intrastate product-specific terms and rates; Important Sprint Wireline Rate Changes; Local Terms of Service; Notification of Rate Changes; rates for AutoPay customers.Non-Scheduled and Non-Tariffed Services; and Regulatory Postings. Learn more 

	 FAMILY PLANS: If the Primary line is terminated prior to the next MRC date, the service of all the Secondary lines will continue uninterrupted until the next MRC date for the Family Plan. At that time, the Secondary line will become the Primary line for the Family Plan	Business Terms: Business wireless and assume the payment responsibilitywireline Standard Terms and Conditions for all lines.Communication Services and product-specific terms. Learn more 

	 MESSAGING (TEXT, PICTURE, VIDEO, EMAIL AND IM): Domestic	Consumer Resources: More information about Accessibility for All, 911, Sprint Relay, and international messaging rates are subject to change. Standard message rates are charged when a message is sent or received, whether read or unread, viewed or unviewed, solicited or unsolicited. There is no guarantee messages will be received and we are not responsible for lost or misdirected messages.other consumer information. Learn more 

	 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE: $1.99/call plus standard airtime rates. THREE-WAY CALLING: Available with select phones. Standard airtime rates apply for both calls while the parties remain on the line.	Acceptable Use Policy: Terms applying to your use of and access to our website and network. Learn more 

	 PLAN ADD-ONS: Available only for monthly plans and are valid until the term specified or until the applicable add-on’s service allotment (e.g., data or minutes) is depleted, whichever occurs first. Recurring add-ons will remain on an account until removed.	Visitors Agreement: Terms applying to your use of our website. Learn more 

	 OFF-NETWORK ROAMING: The availability of domestic roaming services is dependent on your device	Copyright Notice: The materials available through this website and plan. Not all services and plan features (i.e., data, text, etc.) may be available when roaming. Sprint reserves the right, without notice, to deny, terminate, modify, disconnectother websites owned or suspend service. Domestic roaming coverage, services and rates are subject to change at any time without notice. 

	 INTERNATIONAL: International services may be extra and may be dependent on your device and service plan. International long distance rates are subject to change at any time without notice. Visit regularly for changes including, but not limited to, included countries, select international cities and current rates. Usage initiated near country borders may be carriedprovided by a cell site in a neighboring country and billed at that country's rates. International services/roaming while outside of the Nationwide Sprint Network are not available. 

	 MOBILE HOTSPOT: Available only with certain devices & plans. Connectivity dependent upon compatibility(individually and speeds vary. 

	 GPS NAVIGATION: Environment may limit GPS location information. 

	 THIRD-PARTY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Sprint Forward devices providecollectively, the ability to purchase from Third Parties (not Sprint) mobile apps and other digital content/services, tangible goods, and to make donations. Payments for purchased mobile content"Website") are deducted from the account balance and charges display in the online account. You can block the ability to make such purchases at no additional cost by calling Customer Care. 

	 RETURN POLICY: Sprint Forward devices purchased directly from Sprint can be returned within 14 daysproperty of purchase. Customer may return the complete, undamaged device in its original packaging and all of its components along with the original receipt. Devices purchased from other retail locations are subject to the other location's return policy. 

	 COMMERCIAL MOBILE ALERT SERVICE: Free wireless emergency alerts are available on capable devices on the Nationwide Sprint Network. 

	 REGULATORY, LEGAL AND CONSUMER NOTICES: To review legal, federal and state regulatory and other consumer notices, including, but not limited to, Puerto Rico complaint procedures, please visit 

	 OTHER TERMS: Additional fees may apply for number changes, market transfers, and equipment change requests (e.g., changing to a new phone).  



	The following terms and conditions apply if you are enrolled in Monthly AutoPay. 

 You, the Customer, authorize Sprint Forward to on a recurring basis, automatically charge the debit or credit card or PayPal account you specified for payments due on the Sprint Forward account number you specified at the time of the AutoPay enrollment. These recurring chargesits licensors, and all other charges to your account are nonrefundable. 

	Sprint Forward may discontinue processing of recurring charges if Sprint Forward is unable to secure funds from the credit/debit card or PayPal account for the payments you have authorized due to, but not limited to, insufficient or uncollected funds in the account or insufficient or inaccurate information you provided. If a payment is returned for any reason, you will not be able to use a credit/debit card or PayPal until your account is in good standing. Sprint Forward may, if applicable, undertake collection action, including application of returned fees to the extent permittedprotected by law.  All such fees may be collected electronically. TO KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT ACTIVE AND AVOID SERVICE INTERRUPTION, YOU MUST EITHER MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ACCOUNT BALANCE AT ALL TIMES OR PAY ANY APPLICABLE SUBSCRIPTION CHARGES, DEPENDING ON YOUR SERVICE PLAN.  

	Sprint Forward will send a text message notification to your Sprint Forward handset or an email, if an email is available, 10 days prior to any recurring charges.  Sprint Forward will also send a notification 10 days prior to any recurring charges that varies in amount from the previous recurring charge or from the amount you selectedcopyright, trademark and authorized at the time of the AutoPay enrollment; however, by enrolling in the Auto Pay, you elect to receive such notice only when a transfer differs from the previous transfer byother intellectual property laws. Learn more than $10.00. 

	You also understand that this authorization to pay the Sprint Forward account number you specified at the time of the AutoPay enrollment by recurring charges or debits is entirely optional and is not required to obtain or maintain my account with Sprint Forward.

 You are responsible for providing Sprint Forward with accurate payment account information if such information changes in the future. You understand that you may call *2 or access your Sprint Forward account online at three days prior to your recurring charge scheduled date to update or discontinue AutoPay.  Sprint Forward will not initiate further transfers or charges after you have cancelled AutoPay and Sprint Forward has had a reasonable period of time to process your request.  

 You will be automatically charged for any monthly recurring charges, bolt-ons, and add-ons, plus any applicable sales and local taxes, every month on your payment due date. Charges may vary each month based on your service subscription selection. You may check your payment due date at any time by accessing your account via our website.

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