Revision History - Terms of Use
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Version Comments
The Arbitration and Class Action Waiver Clause sections have been updated.
Changes under "Prohibited Perks and Offerings" concerning cryptocurrencies.
Update under the "Campaign Owners" section.
Changes under "Prohibited Campaigns" and a major overhaul under "Arbitration and Class Action Waiver".
A new section has been added called "Confidentiality and Privacy & Data Security".
New section added called "Experts Directory"; Partners feature will be deprecated soon.
Requirements clarified for posting updates (in the "Campaign Owners" section).
New terms added under the Partners section.
The Campaign Owner section has been updated regarding holding funds.
Intro paragraph updated concerning "Additional Terms".
Changes in "Disputes between Campaign Owners and Contributors".
Sections updated: Prohibited Campaigns, Community Guidelines, License to Users and Use of Indiegogo Trademarks, Campaign Owners, and Recovering Funds.
Clarification added under the section "Indiegogo is a Venue" concerning the sale of securities.
The "Payments Services" section has been updated concerning chargebacks and the recovering funds policy; The prohibited perks policy has been updated to include human remains.
The "Unsolicited Idea Submissions" section has been updated to clarify the rights and responsibilities of Indiegogo and its users regarding such submissions.
The Campaign Owners section has been modified (again).
Clarified eligibility criteria to run a campaign on Indiegogo and updated language in refund and arbitration processes; Sections updated: "Community Guidelines", "Campaign Owners", "Refunds" and "Arbitration".
Language updated in the "" section to outline Campaign Owner responsibilities.
The following sections have been updated to reflect Indiegogo's most current practices: "Refunds", "Disputes between Campaign Owners and Contributors", "InDemand", and "Payment Services".
The "Payment Services" section has been updated to reflect Indiegogo's most current payment services practices.
Terms removed from the "Campaign Owners" section; An "InDemand" section has been added to clarify the program.