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	Each listing on Etsy costs $0.20 USD when the listing is published. For private listings, however, the $0.20 fee will only be charged if and when the private listing is sold. A listing lasts for four months or until the item is sold. After four months if the item has not sold, then the listing expires. Listing fees are added to your Etsy bill.  

	You may easily renew expired, sold or active listings if you like. A renewed listing is given a new expiration date four months from the renewal date. The fee for renewing a listing is $0.20 USD. Renewal fees are added to your Etsy bill.  

	If you have more than one of the same item, you can reflect the quantity available in your listing. When a transaction occurs and the listing is not sold out, the listing is automatically renewed at a cost of $0.20 USD. If a transaction includes more than one of the same item, then a multiple quantity fee of $0.20 USD per quantity sold greater than one is applied. Multiple quantity fees are added to your Etsy bill. For an illustration of how fees are charged for multiple quantities, please see this FAQ. 


	When you make a sale on Etsy, you will be charged a transaction fee of 3.5% of the item price. This percentage does not include the shipping cost or tax. Transaction fees are added to your Etsy bill.  


	Etsy offers advertising opportunities to increase the visibility of your items and shop. Advertising fees vary by opportunity. Ad fees will be clearly outlined before you commit to purchasing an ad. Advertising fees are added to your Etsy bill. 


	Etsy offers sellers based in the US and Canada who accept Direct Checkout or PayPal as payment methods the ability to purchase shipping labels to fulfill their orders through USPS and Canada Post, respectively. Shipping labels purchased on Etsy cost the same or less than the equivalent postage purchased directly through the USPS or Canada Post. 

	The cost of the shipping label will depend on the origin and destination of the package. If you add signature confirmation or insurance, those fees will be added to the total cost of the label at the point of purchase. 

	If you purchase USPS postage, the cost of each shipping label will appear on your Etsy bill as “USPS Shipping Label,” and will include the shipping label number. If you purchase U-PIC parcel insurance, the cost of insurance will appear separately on your bill as “U-PIC Parcel Insurance,” and will include the shipping label number. 

	If you purchase Canada Post postage, the cost of each shipping label and label-related fees will appear on your Etsy bill as “Canada Post Shipping Label” and will include the shipping label number. When you purchase a label, the fees will appear in CAD. When reviewing the total cost summary, your label purchases will show in both CAD and USD. All final label charges will be listed on your Etsy bill in USD. If you choose to purchase Canada Post insurance coverage on Etsy, the cost will appear separately on your bill as "Canada Post Coverage" and will include the shipping label number. 


	For information about paying your bill, please see the Billing Policy. 


	Eligible shops may choose to use Etsy’s payment platform, Direct Checkout, to process payments. Payment processing fees vary by location of your bank and are applied to each order completed via Direct Checkout. See the Direct Checkout Terms of Use for payment processing fees by country. This fee is assessed on the total amount of the sale, including tax and shipping. Unlike other fees, this payment processing fee is deducted from the transaction amount as the funds become available for deposit. Payment processing fees will be reflected in your Shop Payment Account, rather than on your Etsy bill. 

	For information on payment processing fees for sales made through the Sell on Etsy mobile app or the Sell on Etsy Reader, please see the Sell on Etsy App & Reader Terms of Use. 


	All fees that are listed on your Etsy bill are in US Dollars. If you list in a currency other than US Dollars, your item price will be converted to US Dollars before the transaction fee is applied. Currency conversion is handled automatically by our payment processing service.  

	Payment processing fees are deducted from funds available for deposit and are charged in the currency in which you receive your funds. 


	Eligible sellers may sell on Etsy's Wholesale platform. Starting August 1, 2014, seller membership will require a non-refundable $100 joining fee, which is added to your Etsy bill upon your acceptance to Etsy Wholesale. All sales made on Etsy Wholesale on or after August 1, 2014 will incur the standard transaction fee of 3.5% of the item price (excluding taxes and shipping costs). For more information, please see the Etsy Wholesale Terms of Use. 

	Effective Date: April 16, 2014.   

	Etsy reserves the right to alter these policies at any time.

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