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 	 Purchasing an Etsy Gift Card
 	 Redeeming an Etsy Gift Card
 	 Using your Etsy Gift Card balance
 	 Accepting an Etsy Gift Card payment
 	 Shop-specific gift certificates 
 	 Helpful links


 	 Etsy Gift Cards issued in United States Dollars (USD)
 	 Etsy Gift Cards issued in Canadian Dollars (CAD) (English/French) 



	These policies apply to Etsy Gift Cards issued in all currencies.   



	Etsy Gift Cards are available for purchase directly from Etsy in the following currencies: 

 	 United States Dollars (USD)
 	 British Pounds (GBP)
 	 Canadian Dollars (CAD)
 	 Euro (EUR)
 	 Australian Dollars (AUD)

	ETSY GIFT CARDS ISSUED IN UNITED STATES DOLLARS (USD) must be purchased using a credit or debit card with a valid US billing address. USD gift cards are subject to Terms of Use. 

	ETSY GIFT CARDS ISSUED IN CANADIAN DOLLARS (CAD) must be purchased using a credit or debit card with a valid Canadian billing address. CAD gift cards are subject to Terms of Use. 

	ETSY GIFT CARDS ISSUED IN BRITISH POUNDS (GBP) OR EUROS (EUR) may be purchased using a credit or debit card with a valid billing address in any eligible country. 

	ETSY GIFT CARDS ISSUED IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD) must be purchased using a credit or debit card with a valid Australian billing address.  

	When you purchase an Etsy Gift Card, a unique code will be sent to the recipient. The recipient will enter (redeem) the code on Etsy to add its value to their account balance, allowing them to pay for orders from participating shops. 

	If you need to cancel an Etsy Gift Card purchase, please contact our Support Team. 

	Learn more about purchasing and using an Etsy Gift Card here. 



	Etsy Gift Cards can be redeemed to buy items from participating shops. The item listing and your shopping cart will note whether the shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards as payment. You can filter Search and Browse results to find items from participating shops. 

	In order to use an Etsy Gift Card to purchase items on Etsy, you must be a registered Etsy member and redeem the unique code to apply the Etsy Gift Card value to your account’s gift card balance. Learn more about redeeming an Etsy Gift Card here. You may not redeem an Etsy Gift Card that you have purchased. Once an Etsy Gift Card code has been redeemed, it cannot be returned for cash value or transferred to another account. 



	To make a purchase with an Etsy Gift Card, you must be browsing the site in the currency of that gift card. Learn more about setting your account currency here. 

	In the event your order total is less than your existing gift card balance, the remainder of the balance will stay in your account’s gift card balance to be used for future purchases. You may use your gift card balance toward orders from participating shops on Etsy. 

	In the event your order total is more than your existing gift card balance, the remainder of your order total must be paid with a credit card through Etsy’s Direct Checkout.  

	At checkout, you have the option to apply your gift card balance to eligible orders. Your gift card balance cannot be used to pay an Etsy bill, buy another Etsy Gift Card, or make a purchase from a shop that does not accept Direct Checkout. 



	In order to accept Etsy Gift Cards as a payment method, the shop must be enrolled in Etsy’s Direct Checkout feature. Learn more about Direct Checkout here. 



	Sellers on Etsy may choose to offer gift certificates specifically for use in their own shops. Shop-specific gift certificates are not affiliated with Etsy Gift Cards. 

 	 Gift certificates are governed by various local laws. It is the seller’s responsibility as a shop owner to comply with all applicable laws.
 	 Sellers must include this sentence in the item listing for your shop-specific gift certificate: "This Gift Certificate is valid only in my Etsy shop, and it is only redeemable here. This is not an Etsy Gift Card."
 	 Sellers must ensure that their shop-specific gift certificates cannot be confused with official Etsy Gift Cards. Refer to Etsy’s Trademark Guidelines.
 	 A shop-specific gift certificate must be listed and sold at full value.



	Buying a Gift Card FAQs 

	FAQs for Members who’ve Received a Gift Card 

	Gift Card FAQs for Etsy Sellers  

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