Revision History - Residential Terms of Service
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Version Comments
Clarifications made in the "Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitations" section.
References to Optimum 400 have been added; Additional terms of service for online web hosting removed.
"OPTIMUM 20" has been added.
New section added called "Economy Internet"; Changes in Termination by Altice; References to Optimum 75 removed.
Cablevision has been renamed to Altice; New terms have been added.
Several term updates and new sections on Optimum 200 and Optimum 300.
Clarification about storage and retention limitations added to the section "Limitation of Liability"; Major changes under "Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitations".
A section on "Optimum Online Ultra 60" has been added.
Many new sections have been added including a complete overhaul of the section "Termination and Expiration".
A link to the Notice of Amendment to General Terms and Conditions of Service has been added. You can view this notice here:
A link to a new document has been added: Information Regarding Smart Router Range Extender (
Changes made to section 42, "Additional Terms for Optimum-provided Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point".
"WiFi Terms of Use for Subscribers" added to list; Section "Additional Terms for Optimum-provided Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point" updated.