Revision History - Residential Terms of Service
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Version Comments
A new major version has been posted.
Changes in the section "Information Regarding Smart Router Range Extenders and Fiber Gateway WiFi Extenders".
Clarifications made in the "Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitations" section.
References to Optimum 400 have been added; Additional terms of service for online web hosting removed.
"OPTIMUM 20" has been added.
New section added called "Economy Internet"; Changes in Termination by Altice; References to Optimum 75 removed.
Cablevision has been renamed to Altice; New terms have been added.
Several term updates and new sections on Optimum 200 and Optimum 300.
Clarification about storage and retention limitations added to the section "Limitation of Liability"; Major changes under "Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitations".
A section on "Optimum Online Ultra 60" has been added.
Many new sections have been added including a complete overhaul of the section "Termination and Expiration".
A link to the Notice of Amendment to General Terms and Conditions of Service has been added. You can view this notice here:
A link to a new document has been added: Information Regarding Smart Router Range Extender (
Changes made to section 42, "Additional Terms for Optimum-provided Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point".