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	We gave in and let the lawyers work over our privacy policy. But we think it's still pretty simple, straightforward, and clear. If you think we left anything out, or have any questions about any of this, let us know.   


	 You know, we at Woot are geeks, too. And like all good geeks, we're obsessed with privacy. We won't share or sell your personal information for a quick buck. And we promise we will never collect or share information about your IQ, your religious beliefs, your shoe size, or how you got that intriguing scar on your left elbow. In general terms, we collect information so we can ship your woots, let you enjoy our community features, and improve our website, services, and products. Or, in legalese...  

	Woot collects information (such as your name, shipping and billing address, credit card number, email address, etc.) from you that we need to: 

 	 process your order;
 	 provide you with member support;
 	 allow you to use the community forums and participate in contests and other forum features; and
 	 send you newsletters and other communications such as polls, surveys, and special Woot offers.

	 Woot will set and access our own cookies on your computer to allow you to buy and interact at the site. We also use web beacons to gather anonymous, aggregated statistical information (e.g. unique hits, page views, etc.) about our website traffic.  

	Woot may share information collected by us with third parties to help process your order (e.g. shipping companies, credit card processors, etc.) or to provide statistical and demographic analysis to Woot to help us and our business partners provide you with better services and offerings. 

	 Woot will not share, rent, lease, or sell your personal information (e.g. your email address, your credit card information, your name, your address, etc.) to any third party for their independent use or benefit. Never. Ever.  

	 Future changes to this Privacy Policy may be made at any time by sending you an email or posting notice of the changes on the site, with the changes effective 30 days after Woot's dispatch of the email or posting of the notice. To ask questions about this policy or to remove your personal information from our database, write us at

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